Preparing Homes for Sale

Once you have decided that you are going to be selling your home, there are a some relatively easy things you can do
that will help your house to sell more quickly and at a higher price.

Get rid of clutter

Your house will look much more spacious and elegant if clutter is removed.

  • Start packing up things you don’t need every day so that your shelves and surface areas don’t look crowded.
  • Renting a storage locker can really help to make garages and basements look clean and usable.
  • Throw away things that you are not going to take with you when you move.
  • Have that garage sale now rather than waiting until after you have sold your house.

Remember, the more you get rid of now, the easier your move will be.


Your kitchen is a great place to focus on in getting your house ready.

  • Remove all items from your counter tops and from all other flat surfaces
  • Clean out your junk drawer if you have one
  • Pack away or throw away old pots and plastic containers that you don’t use every day.
  • Clear out cabinets and pantries by using up food supplies and keep your stocks low until after you move.

Making your kitchen look spacious will really help to sell your house.


Clearing out some of the clothes and other items stored in your closets can help to make them look
like they have plenty of room for the new occupants. This might be a good time to give away some
of your old cloths or box them up if you have enough storage room.


Consider moving some of your furniture into storage if you can live without it. Rooms will look
larger if there is open space and the furniture doesn’t look crammed in. A rented storage space
can really come in handy in this regard.