January 27, 2007 – East Brunswick 50, Sayreville 46

East Brunswick won a hard fought battle against Sayreville in front of their home crowd. The Bears got off to a fast start and were
ahead 14-8 at the end of the first period. The extended the lead to 20-10 when Sayreville went on a three pointer spree and despite
a three pointer by Breanne DeFalco, Sayreville managed to tie the score up at 23-23 at the half. Sayreville looked like they were going
to start up where they left off, but after they landed a quick three pointer, the Bears answered with a basket followed by a three pointer
to take the lead 28-26. At the end of the third period, the score was 33-30. East Brunswick opened up the lead with some fine shooting
and good defense and looked like they were going to cruise on to victory, but Sayreville had other ideas. Sayreville utilized quick fouls
and some good rebounding to get themselves back into the game. Fortunately for East Brunswick, Monnica Farag and Breanne DeFalco made enough
of their foul shots to protect the lead and clinch a 50-46 victory.
Scoring for East Brunswick were:
Breanne DeFalco (15 points), Dana Pagliuco (4 points), Monnica Farag (8 points), Katie Paige (3 points),
Jenn Schellenberg (2 points), Samantha Ur (8 points) and Tara Romancino (10 points).
East Brunswick is now 5-11 for the season.

Game Pictures – Girls Basketball

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