East Brunswick won an impressive victory against J.P Stevens in front of a rowdy home crowd consisting of a ‘Pink’ bear den. The night didn’t start well with J.P. Stevens getting a quick 6 point lead, but the Bears came back and Sean O’Sullivan caught a 30 pass from Kevin Hemmings to tie the game at 6. East Brunswick’s defense was very stingy and in the second quarter sacked the quarterback and caused a fumble which the Bears recovered on the 3 yard line and Al Fitzpatrick ran it in and Alex Boyko made the kick. J.P. Stevens answer with a touchdown of their own but East Brunswick blocked the extra point allowing the East Brunswick to take a 13-12 lead into the half. The cheerleaders and band put on a really great half time show. The second half started strong for East Brunswick with the Bears scoring a touchdown quickly on a 70 yard run by Keith Hemmings followed by a surprise off-side kick which East Brunswick recovered. The Bears then added to their lead with a field goal to make the score 23-12. Unfortunately, J.P. Stevens drove right down the field to cut the lead to 4 points. Both teams struggled for the rest of the third quarter but after we got an interception, we were then able to drive down for a touchdown with an extra point. J.P. Stevens scored once more to make the game close and looked to be threatening with 2 minutes left, but after the Bears got an interceptions they were then able to just kneel to end the game.

East Brunswick Football

East Brunswick forces a fumble the lead to a touchdown on the next play

East Brunswick Football

The Bears defense came up big at some critical times against J.P. Stevens

East Brunswick Football

Defensive Pressure

East Brunswick Football

No first down for you!

J.P. Stevens scores

J.P. Stevens just manages to push across the line for a touchdown

Extra point blocked

East Brunswick blocked the extra point

East Brunswick Cheerleaders

East Brunswick cheerleaders performing at half time

East Brunswick Band

East Brunswick’s award winning bank vs. J.P. Stevens

East Brunswick Band

East Brunswick Band added a trust fall to the show.

East Brunswick Football

It doesn’t look like it will be a touchdown run – but it was!

East Brunswick Football

Breaking Free

East Brunswick Footbll

No catching me!

East Brunswick Football

Critical first down run

East Brunswick Football

The previous time they did this it was a surprise offside kick


Wicked tackle


Quarterback keeper


Power running