First time home buyers especially can be overwhelmed when thinking about buying a new home, but Karen Ruffner at Partners Realty is very experienced and can help you at every step of the journey.

Working with a Realtor can save you time because they know which properties really meet your criteria and can help you avoid situations like power lines in the back yard or busy roads if those things are important to you.

Karen Ruffner can also help you figure out what is important to you.

Schools:  For many home buyers, this is a critical item.  These buyers will benefit by reviewing the information about East Brunswick Schools contained in this website and will likely be focused mainly on East Brunswick and South Brunswick.

Commute: Many buyers are very focused on avoiding a long commute.  With Exit 9 on the Turnpike in East Brunswick, this is a convenient location for driving into New York or Northern New Jersey locations, but there are very good East Brunswick public transportation options including East Brunswick parking facilities.

Features: What features are most important to you?  Do you want an in-ground pool, a large garage, a finished basement?  These decisions can help you to narrow your search.

Search:  Your can do your own Middlesex County Real Estate Search, right here on this site.  This is a great place to start.  If you login, you will then be able to save your searches.